Proof of Indian Origin when proper documents not available

How to get Nativity Certificate . . .

Many OCI or PIO applicants have difficulty obtaining acceptable documentation showing that they are indeed of Indian origin. This leads to an extended delay in processing applications, many applicants are denied OCI registration, due to lack of proper proof, showing their Indian origin. Sometimes in cases where the OCI applicants, who are children and grandchildren of PIO’s who left India before 26th January 1950, may find it difficult to produce the requisite documentary evidence as proof of their relationship to show their Indian origin. In an effort to resolve such issues and help potential OCI/PIO applicants, the Government of India, in an effort to ease this situation, allows applicants who have difficulty obtaining acceptable documents, to support their claim of Indian origin to seek and obtain 'Nativity Certificate' from their respective state Governments in India.

What is a Nativity Certificate

Nativity Certificate is a document issued by State Governments in India certifying the Indian origin of an applicant who is or whose relations such as parents/grandparents etc lived in that particular state.

What is the process of getting a Nativity Certificate

Basically, the applicant files the application for a nativity certificate in the concerned area of the state in India. Application form sample link is provided below. Along with the application, documents to help find the appropriate relationship should be submitted. Some such documents could be: Details of ancestral properties that may have existed and you know about, such as a previous home etc. School/College/University where an ancestor studied, or any other Information. Names and particulars of other relatives who could vouch for the accuracy of the statements made on your application to claim Indian origin Any other documentary evidence, if available In case the applicants ancestors left India several years ago and details of their departure mode are available, they should be provided as this would help the authorities in tracing them through past departure records if available. Include any other information or document that can help your case

Type of Nativity Certificate Acceptable for OCI

Nativity certificate is a document that is commonly used in India in many situations, to show residence in a particular part of the country. By way of example, students may be required to get nativity certificates to gain admission in a particular state university course, where seats are reserved for only state residents. Perhaps one may be asked to get such a document to prove claim for a ration card etc. Tahsildars in many areas issue such nativity certificates. At times such certificates are suspected of being obtained inappropriately and those applying for a nativity certificate for the purpose of registering for OCI or obtaining a PIO card, should make sure they get a nativity certificate through the right channels and signed by the appropriate acceptable authority. Nativity certificate for OCI/PIO issued by state governments should be issued by a authority in the state of not below a District Collector/ District Magistrate.

How long does it take to get a nativity certificate

Time taken to get a nativity certificate is a fair question and naturally everyone wants to know, however the entire process depends on the state you apply, the type of records, such as land revenue records etc. available to the state government officials, for your the area from where proof has to be ascertained, the type of documentation or information you can provide. To view an application for acquiring a ‘Nativity Certificate’ in India, CLICK HERE.
Disclaimer: Information provided is for general knowledge only and should not be deemed to be professional advice. For professional advice kindly consult a professional accountant, immigration advisor or the Indian consulate. Rules and regulations do change from time to time. Please note that in case of any variation between what has been stated on this website and the relevant Act, Rules, Regulations, Policy Statements etc. the latter shall prevail. © Copyright 2006
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