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FAQ Index page 3 - Questions 76 - 100 76. OCI Holders Applying For Indian Citizenship 77. Indian Driving License 78. OCI Holders Studying in India 79. Foreigner inheriting property in India 80. Can OCI holder apply for information under RTI 81. OCI Keeping Agricultural Land in India 82. Buy Land to Build House in India 83. Name Change for OCI Holder 84. Address on Pan Card 85. What Happens to PIO Card if Divorce 86. Number of entries allowed to OCI holders 87. How to get a ration card in India 88. OCI holder working in India  89. Is power of attorney made in USA valid in India 90. Duty exemption on cars for returning Nri's 91. NRO account - PAN Card - Pension - Repatriation 92. Higher school fees for NRI children 93. How to file a complaint against Banks in India 94. Customs Duty on car taken to India on Transfer of Residency. 95. Property Registration Fee in India 96. Australian Citizens Living in India 97. Can Foreign Spouse get OCI 98. RBI Notification of Property Purchase IPI-7 99. Disadvantages of OCI 100. How to Cancel OCI Registration      
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Index Page 3 / Questions 76 - 100

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