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NRIs settled overseas often ask me to recommend professional service providers in India. Over the past five years,  NRIs have asked If I could suggest a good lawyer, accountant or property management company in India. At the suggestion of some of the visitors to this website, a new India connect classified section is being sponsored by and this will be exclusively devoted to helping NRIs find services in India, that they require from time to time.

Benefits of India Connect Classifieds for NRIs :

NRIs can recommend to other NRIs, the names and details of lawyers, accountants, doctors, dentists etc. with whom they have dealt with satisfactorily, in the past. NRIs can view, search the classified pages which are categorized to find the professional or service they are looking for and select to deal with whoever they are comfortable with. NRIs can also if they wish to, post their own ads free of charge, seeking goods or services in India. This way the service provider can contact them directly. Professionals in India can also use the classified section to post their own Ads FREE of Charge and reach a large NRI base looking for their services. The free Ads with photo offer applies to all types of business and service providers in India who wish to offer their service to NRIs. Many small businesses that offer excellent service such as hotel or taxi services etc. cannot afford to advertise. Our India connect classifieds are meant for such small businesses as they can now get their message across to NRIs across the globe, FREE! Ads can be posted, edited as many times as required and deleted by the ad poster conveniently, in minutes! FREE! Photos to Ads can also be added to provide a better view of for instance rental property! and its still FREE!

How to post on classified pages

Posting on our classified pages is simple and will take about a minute! You can post, edit or delete with the click of a mouse! Ads posted an Ad or can also include up to three photos per Ad. To post a Ad or recommend a business, visit the India Connect Classifieds for NRIs by using the link provided here . . . 1. Select Post New Ad 2. Choose Category 3. Enter your message and attach photos if you wish (up to three photos can be poster per ad. Only jpg, jpeg less than 100 Kbyte are allowed. 4. Click the Submit button and you’re done! All postings can be edited or deleted at anytime by the person who created the post. All posting, with or without photos are Free! We hope that over a period of time, a good database of reputable professional service providers in India will become available to NRIs settled abroad.
NRI Classified Ads  NRI Classified Ads NRI Classified Ads  NRI Classified Ads
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