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How to transfer OCI Visa to New Passport

Step by step instructions on transferring OCI Visa to a new passport. . .

Transfer of OCI visa is done in two parts: Part one involves logging in to the government of India, OCI Miscellaneous Services Website. To access OCI Miscellaneous Services in order to get your OCI visa transfered to your new passport visit https://passport.gov.in/oci/index.html To be allowed to use OCI Miscellaneous Services you will first have to log in by entering: Your U-Visa number OR Your OCI Registration number OR OCI File number Only one of the above are required If the information you entered is correct, then you will see a new screen where you fill in all of the following fields: Your current passport number Date of birth Place of birth Mother’s name On successful submission of the above information, you will be able to use OCI Miscellaneous Services. 1. Select the service required: ‘Change of Passport particulars’ 2. Fill in the online form 3. When you submit the online form, a hard copy of the application showing a reference number and instructions on how to fill the application form will be shown. Print the application form. 4. Fill in the application form, paste photo where required and sign in the signature box provided on the form. 5. The filled form and required documents should be sent to the nearest Indian consulate for processing. It does not matter whether the consulate you send the documents to is not the one that issued your original OCI visa.

Documents required to transfer OCI visa to new passport

Copy of your OCI U Visa that is stamped on your passport* Copy of your OCI Registration certificate. In case you are wondering what this is, the OCI booklet is your OCI registration certificate. DO NOT SEND YOUR NEW PASSPORT AT THIS TIME Along with the form and documents, you also need to submit the Fee for transfer of your OCI visa from old to new passport.

Fee to transfer OCI visa to new passport at Indian Consulates

The Fee currently is US$25 if you are doing this at any of the Indian Consulates abroad

Fee to transfer OCI visa to new passport in India

If applying in India, the fee is Rupees 1400. In India enclose a demand draft for the fee amount drawn in favor of ‘Pay and Accounts officer (Secretariat), Ministry of Home Affairs’ this should be payable in New Delhi.

Checking the status of your OCI visa transfer application

After sending your application, you will receive a file acknowledgement number by email. This number or the registration number generated when submitting your online application can be used to check the status of your application online.

How you get new OCI visa on your new passport

OCI visas, I believe are granted not at the Indian consulate level but are approved from Delhi.  This takes approximately a month from the time your application is received by the concerned office. However time can be longer depending on the volume of applications. New OCI documents are sent from Delhi to the Indian consulate where you submitted your application. Those who applied in India, their documents are sent to the FRRO office where they submitted their application. After your fresh OCI visa is received by the Consulate or FRRO office, you need to get your OCI visa pasted on your new passport. The Indian consulate or FRRO will require the following documents to transfer your OCI visa to new passport: 1. Your new passport to paste the new OCI visa 2. Your old passport that has the OCI visa stamped on it. This needs to be canceled before new one is issued.

Option not to transfer OCI Visa

If all this seems a bit complicated, it actually isn’t. However, there is always the option of carrying your old passport with the OCI U visa and your new passport when you travel to India. Remember, as per new rules, you must also keep your OCI registration book with you to avoid problems with immigration in India. *Note: When applying for a new passport, always make photo copies of your OCI U Visa. Just in case the old passport is not returned to you. Many countries such as Canada, ask you to tick on the passport application, whether you want the old passport returned to you when new passport is issued. It is a good practice to always keep your old passports. Have a question on nri issues? Check out our question and answer pages, we now have over 600 questions on various NRI issues with answers posted on our FAQ pages. To see the Question/Answer index, click HERE
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