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Complete OCI Information

Everything you need to know about OCI. The benefits of getting OCI.  Who  can apply for a OCI card and what is the procedure. more info >> Taxes &  US Green card holders Taxes & UK Citizens in India Taxes & Canadian NRIs in India Australian NRIs in India Taxes Wealth Tax information - NRIs

How to get a driving license in


How do you get a driving license in India. Smart card driving licenses are now being issued in major cities of India. more info >>

Person of Indian Origin - PIO


What exactly is a PIO card, Are you a PIO if you do not have a PIO card. Who can apply and how to apply for a PIO card  more info >>

Resolving Problems with your

bank in India

How to resolve banking disputes with your Indian Banks Information & Tips on how to approach banks with complaints more info >>

Reverse Immigration

NRIs Returning to India: The improving economic situation in India and the increase in unemployment levels in many western countries, has resulted in many NRIs already returning to India. more info >>

Illegal Immigration

Many countries are now facing problems with illegal immigrants. Yet potential immigrants continue to become victims of unscrupulous immigration consultants. Instead of legally immigrating they find themselves trapped in a foreign country   read more >>

Government grants for new


Governments offer grants and incentives to help new business entrepreneurs as it helps job creation. In India both the central and state governments offer incentives such as cheap land, loans at favorable rates, exemption form taxes etc. . more info >>

How much money can students

make abroad?

Paying their way through university is often heard from students abroad. How much money can foreign students make. What type of jobs can foreign students expect to get while studying abroad? can they really pay their way through college by working simultaneously  read more >>

Choosing Medical Health


Medical  costs in India are rising, as Indians seek to protect themselves with medical insurance, are they wasting their money? Checklist for choosing a medical health insurance company....more info >>

How to Acquire Indian


How to acquire Indian citizenship, Information on the various modes by which Indian citizenship can be acquired. more info >> Taking a car to India from Dubai . . . CIF Value used for customs duty on car’s in India taken by NRIs. Depreciation allowed when calculating used car value more info >>

How to Transfer OCI Visa to a

New  Passport

Easily transfer your OCI visa to your new passport in India or abroad. Step by step easy to follow instructions to transfer OCI visa more info >>

Is your money safe in Indian


Twenty three financial institutions failed in India in the year 2009 - 2010. So far for the financial year 2011-2012 three financial institutions more info >                     

NRI Taking Car to India?

Rules and regulations on taking car to India. Information on importing car read more >>

Taking Gold to India

Problem at airport with customs duty when taking gold to India more info >>

Change in Customs duty on gold

in India

Has the 10 Kg allowance on gold import  been reduced  to 1 Kg now  more info >>

NRI Bank Accounts

Every thing you should know about NRI Bank Accounts in India and on return to India more info >> 

20 to 25% off on NRI Property


Now is the time for NRIs to buy property in India and save almost 25% instantly if  paying in foreign currency  more  info >>

File Police complaint (FIR)


Filing a police complaint in India online has been announced quite a few times, Is this really possible? more info >>

Tax on NRI property in India 

Higher tax for those who hold two or more properties  more info >> 

Don’t end up buying

a stolen car

The used car you buy in India may turn out to have an outstanding loan and you may be responsible for repaying the outstanding loan. Worst case,  you could end up buying a stolen car! more info >>

Compare OCI with PIO Card

Color coded Comparison Chart to easily compare between OCI and PIO. Check the benefits and restrictions of both these long term Indian visas side by side more info > 

Agricultural Land in India

Be alert when buying agricultural land in India converted to residential land more info >>

Countries Accepting


Which countries today are accepting new immigrants? Which country should you immigrate to? Don’t get scammed by questionable immigration consultants and end up as an illegal immigrant in a foreign country Check now >> 

Foreign doctors working in India

How foreign doctors can get approval to practice medicine in India . . .  Go to article >> 

Indian Residents can send

money abroad legally . . .

Not only NRIs but even Indian residents can send money abroad legally from India for various purposes and even for gifts and donations read on >>

Taking Jewelry to India

Taking Jewelry to India from abroad. Customs duty on gold in India. Taking gold jewelry to India for personal use. Tips for NRIs who take gold to India.  more info >>

PAN Card for NRIs  

Do NRIs really need a PAN card? Everything you need about PAN cards. How to get a PAN card from abroad. more info >>

Medical Insurance from India?

Before you buy Travel Medical Insurance in India Read this . . .  more info >> Just Updated TAX IN INDIA ON GIFTED PROPERTY HOW TO EASILY TRANSFER MONEY FROM INDIA NRI INHERITING PROPERTY IN INDIA WEALTH TAX INFO FOR NRIs CALCULATE CAPITAL GAINS - 2013 INDEX Passport Surrender Surrender rules and information on how to get a surrender or renunciation certificate. more info >>

Elderly Parents Going Abroad Do

a Reality Check!

Parents planning on moving overseas to live with their children who are presently settled abroad. Before you dispose off your property and burn your bridges, putting yourself in a position that you may not be able to return to India make sure you do a reality check. . . . read more >>

PAN Card Exemption for NRIs

Instead of applying for PAN , NRIs can legally claim an exemption from producing PAN when conduction a transaction the requires a PAN . . . more info >>

Study in India - Foreign students

India has become a recognized center for education today. Rules and regulations for foreign students and children of NRIs to study in India. To read article click here >>

Get a government ID card in

India for Rupees 250

Not having proof of identity or  proof of address in India  makes it next to impossible form many people to avail some important services. Here is a proof of address for just Rs. 250  More info >>

Problems finding OCI

documentation?  - Get a Nativity


Having difficulty getting documentation to prove

your Indian origin?

There is an alternative to get other type of

documentation to prove your relationship to your

ancestors, even if they left India before several years

ago.  more info >>

How you can lose your Indian


Those who acquire Indian citizenship can under some situations lose their citizenship. The government of Indian can revoke your citizenship under some  Read more >>

US Citizens in India


US citizens living in India are expected to file their US taxes every year. Not complying with US tax laws can turn out to be a costly affair . . .read more >>
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