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429.  Taking Gold Jewelery to India and Customs Duty . . .

Questions: Hello,    I am a  female residing in USA for nearly 10 years  and when ever I used to go to India ,used to take the gold  ornaments  with me to use there. I came here after I got married so all my jewelry is here with me. My question is now I will be travelling to India in few days ,I will be taking some jewelry say worth 20 tola(10 grams is 1 tola) to use some and to change designs. so would I will be charged the gold custom duty  of 4%  or can I ask the officers at the airport to write it down in passport or some thing that I will be taking it back to USA. One more thing should I declare  the gold  in the  form. Please reply as soon as possible, because I am confused  searching all info on gold duty. I will be travelling with my 3 kids age 9 and under so I don't want to get in trouble there at the airport. Thanks a lot. (Name withheld on request)                                                  Answer:   What you propose to do is logical but quite often things don’t work out the way one wants to and problems arise. There certainly is a procedure, by which an entry is made on your passport of the goods that will be taken back by a passenger on departure. However when it comes to gold, its not that easy! Suppose you take a expensive watch to India and agree to take it back since you do not want to pay the duty on the item. This situation is easily covered, the watch is identifiable, so its make, model and serial number is recorded and this ensures the same item is taken back when the passenger leaves. How does one do this for gold jewelery? I won’t get into the problems and try and suggest a reasonable solution. Get your jewelery pieces that you intend to take to India appraised, before going to India. An appraisal will include photographs of the jewelery and other particulars. Get a customs certificate from your country of residence for the appraised jewelery so that you can return with it without having to pay duty. Customs will issue such a certificate after they see the jewelery and appraisal documents. This type of documentation may help, getting through Indian customs if you tell them your intention is to take the items back. I say may help, because there are no guarantees. Readers should also be aware that when you take jewelery out to India and get it remodeled, it normally is then considered to be a new piece of jewelery and becomes dutiable when you return to your foreign country. Check with your customs office before leaving to avoid problems on return.  
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