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392.  How to Transfer OCI Visa from Canadian to US Passport

Questions: Madam/sir.. could you please help me by replying in regard obtaining OCI visa in India or in USA. i was a Canadian Citizen (originally from India) and i have my OCI visa stamped on my Canadian Passport. a few months ago i got my USA citizenship. is it possible to transfer the OCI U VISA to US passport? if i want to get a new OCI visa (because of change of Nationality)is it possible to apply in India when i make a visit for three months ? your advice is most valuable for me. thanks vasishta Answer: As you already have OCI, transfer to a new passport should not be a problem. Normally transfer of OCI Visa to new passport can be done using Online OCI Miscellaneous Services. Miscellaneous services are available to only those who already have OCI. The procedure involves: 1. login to the OCI Miscellaneous Services website: https://passport.gov.in/oci/OnlineOCIMiscMain.jsp 2. Filling the application online (print before submitting online application) 3. Mailing in the printed form along with the required documents, photograph and fees. The application can be submitted to the Indian Consulate applicable to your residence. Applicants in India are required to submit their documents to: The Under Secretary, OCI Cell, Foreigners Division, Ministry of Home Affairs(MHA), Jaisalmer House, 26 Man Singh Road, New Delhi-110011 OR To the concerned Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) if the applicant is resident of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or Amritsar. The fee in the US is currently $25/- In India the fee is Rupees 1150. If you are in India, you can get this done in India. The procedure normally takes a month, however there are no time frame guarantees and those who are pressed for time in India should take this into consideration. It may be better to get such matters done where you are residing permanently. .
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