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Q.  Dear Sir, I am a NRI working in United Arab Emirates and I have Canadian Permanent resident card. I would like to buy a property in Hyderabad India. What are steps to be followed before buying the property? My wife is a Canadian citizen and holds a OCI card. Can she buy the property instead of me? what documents need to be checked legal issues? I will be grateful if you help me in this regard. I do not any idea. My people are telling many stories? I need a truthful guidance Your early reply will be highly appreciated. Regards-- S.Mohan. M.E., A. Your wife or anyone else you designate can purchase property for you in Hyderabad, India. Persons of Indian origin can purchase property in India even if they do not have OCI. Your wife can purchase property jointly with you, in her name only or in your name if that is what you desire. For her to purchase property in your name, you will have to give her a power of attorney so she can act on your behalf. There is information on property purchase in India already on this website. My book THE NRI GUIDE covers topics on purchasing property in India such as: Purchasing Property in India, Buying land in India, Land ownership record check, How to obtain encumbrance certificate, Limitations of Encumbrance Certificates, Release Certificate for a property, Get a loan to purchase property, Consider Ready to Move in Property, Advantages of Buying Ready to Move in Homes, Precautions when buying property in India, Title Report – When purchasing property, Purchasing Property under Construction . . . If you have the book check from page 144 onwards for property related information.
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