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Business Ideas for India - Starting a new business in India . . .

The first thing to remember is that India has an abundance of talent available for hire at reasonable cost. Whether

you have talent or not for a certain business, you always have the option in India to get help in all aspects of starting

and running a business.

In case a new business idea is not what you wish to try. There are several other business ventures that are available for new entrepreneurs. NRIs are also able to take advantage of various loans, grants and incentives offered by the government of India on the central government level as well as state governments in India. See 'Business Setup in India' If you are a non resident Indian planning to return to Indian and trying to decide what to do in India. Here are some suggestions.

Franchise Opportunity in India . . .

If you are presently settled abroad and thinking of returning to India. The biggest advantage you have is that you already know  the operations of some of the leading franchises in the west. Popular franchises such as Subway sandwiches etc are always looking to expand. With your prior knowledge of India and your experiences in living abroad and knowing the operations and expectations of such outlets e.g. menus, advertisements etc. It may be an ideal opportunity for some NRI's returning to India to consider such franchises. Most popular franchises would love to setup shop in an enormous market like India and may be very interested in talking to you. I used Subway sandwiches as an example, to get an idea of such a franchise in India visit Subway India franchise. However there are hundreds of other franchises one can think of depending on their own lifestyle and personal choices.

Distributor of Branded Products for Indian Companies . . .

Many good Indian companies are expanding. Being appointed the authorized dealer for a popular product is an ideal opportunity to make money in India. Recently I have seen advertisements from companies such a auto manufacturers, scooter manufacturers and other consumer items looking for distributors in different areas. So what do you need to become a distributor for a company? What I have found that if you have the space required for the business to locate in, then you have an excellent chance of being appointed. Good space in decent areas is becoming very difficult to get and if you have the space then companies will definitely want to talk to you. Becoming a distributor for a good product does not require retail level selling but you sell to wholesalers and have the exclusive right to a certain area.

Starting a new software company in India . . .

If you are already in the software field then you know the advantages of this business. India has qualified programmers available. Resident Indians presently abroad who have the right contacts can offer services from India to foreign companies at very competitive prices. Many different types of software are required by companies that need software designed to suit their business practices. Such companies usually get their software developed by independent software programmers. Many sites on the Internet now cater to this sort of business by providing websites where companies seeking software developed can post details of the software they want to get developed. Such postings also include the amount that companies are willing to pay for the development of the required software package. Programmers all over the world log in to such websites and bid for the job. The companies who originally posted the job choose the programmer based on their bids and previous background. An Indian citizen returning to a city like Bangalore, Pune or Chennai should have no problem in starting a software company and hiring talent to handle such posted jobs in a competitive and professional manner. There is a feeling amongst many non resident Indians that salaries in the IT sector in India are quite high now. In fact I also had the same impression. On January 12, 2008 I placed an advertisement for web developers in the Times of India. I received resumes and phone calls from several applicants. While the majority of them were fresh candidates with very little experience there were some with about two years experience and more. The average salary candidates with knowledge of Php, MySQL, C, C++, CSS wanted was approximately Rupees 7000 per month. Many of these candidates had done MCA or BE with computers. I was very much surprised by the salary demands. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps India has started to get too many programming people and the job situation is getting tight.

Horticultural Business - Growing Flowers as a business

To many of you it may come as a surprise that those lovely roses you buy in Amsterdam on valentine day may have come from India. Yes! India has become a big player in the export of flowers. Plane loads of flowers are exported to many countries. If you have some interest horticulture then this type of business may be ideal for you in India. I was able to visit a nursery that exports flowers to European countries and found to my surprise that a small nursery located in only on a half acre land on the outskirts of the city of Pune was growing flowers only for export. Since most of these nurseries are located outside town in small villages there is no problem for them in getting cheap local labor. Most of these villagers know farming and are happy to work near their home. If you are an NRI planning a return to India then this is definitely worth exploring.  Starting a Manufacturing Unit in India - Article continues on next page . . .
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