Importing car to India 

General Rules for importing a car to India: Import of New Cars

Cars can be imported without a license. The import of vehicles shall be subject to the following guidelines of the Government of India: 1. (I) A new imported vehicle shall mean a vehicle that: (a) has not been manufactured/assembled in India; and (b) has not been sold, leased or loaned prior to importation into India; or (c) has not been registered for use in any country according to the laws of that country, prior to importation into India. (II) The import of new vehicles shall be subject to the following conditions: (a) The new vehicle shall: (i) have a speedometer indicating the speed in km/h (ii) have right hand steering, and controls (applicable on vehicles other than two and three wheelers) (iii) have photometry of the headlamps to suit "keep-left" traffic; and (iv) be imported from the country of manufacture. (b) In addition, the new vehicle shall conform to the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and the rules made there under, as applicable, on the date of import. (c) The import of new vehicles shall be permitted only through the Customs port at Mumbai (Nhava Sheva), Kolkata, Chennai, ICD Tughlakabad and Delhi Air cargo. The importer shall also have a valid certificate of compliance as per provisions of Rule 126 of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989, issued by any of the testing agencies specified in the said rule.  PLEASE NOTE: The conditions discussed above for import of new and used cars may not apply to Individuals returning to India for permanent settlement. For Information on Car Imports by Non Resident Indians  and Customs duty in India on used cars see next page

CAR IMPORTS BY NRIs and CUSTOMS DUTY IN INDIA ON USED CARS - Continued on next page >>>  

(Source: Ministry of Commerce and Industry – Department of Commerce PUBLIC NOTICE NO. 3(RE-2000) /1997-2002 NEW DELHI: 31st March, 2000)
Disclaimer: Information provided is for general knowledge only and should not be deemed to be professional advice. For professional advice kindly consult a professional accountant, immigration advisor or the Indian consulate. Rules and regulations do change from time to time. Please note that in case of any variation between what has been stated on this website and the relevant Act, Rules, Regulations, Policy Statements etc. the latter shall prevail. © Copyright 2006
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