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Have a NRI related issue associated with Indian consulates or India? the chances are you will find an answer on our question answer pages. If you have a question not answered here, send it to us . . .There are hundreds of questions with answers posted on our website covering a majority of issues. All information is provide free and no membership or registration is required. To view answer, click question of your choice . . . Questions 276 to 300 276. How to correct OCI on-line form submitted with errors 277. Where to get OCI Application Form 278. Save Capital Gains Tax in India by Buying Bonds 279. Status of OCI when living in India 280. How much extra school fee do NRI children pay in India 281. How to legally buy agricultural land in India 282. Which is better - PIO or OCI for British Citizen 283. Appearance changed, Can I get new passport? 284. Buy land in Ludhiana by way of Power of Attorney 285. Can foreigner continue to hold Agricultural land already owned? 286. Renouncing British Citizenship 287. Travel with old passport having OCI stamp 288. Record Address Change on OCI Record 289. Validity of old Pan Cards 290. How to get Student Visa without NOC 291. Loose PIO card in case of divorce. 292. Proof of living in India may be required for Indian Citizenship 293. Problems for Nri's to evict tenants from their home in India 294. How to fill on-line 'PAN' card application on-line 295. NRI must close domestic Demat Account 296. Parent sending money to student abroad 297. Can parent buy agricultural land in India with money received  from abroad 298. Tax payable on sale of stocks in India. 299. Medical Insurance in India for Seniors 300. OCI Buying Life Insurance in India  
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Index Page 11 / Questions 276 - 300

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